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English Links

House Points



Revision Tips For English Exams



These sheets are designed primarily for Years 7 and 8 however some younger pupils in Year 6 will benefit from the Top Tips sheet. Year 5 and Year 6 may find the the creative writing advice sheet helpful also.


Pupils must login to access the links below.


Please click here for revision advice for creative writing

Please click here for revision advice for English comprehension (Top Tips For Top Marks)

Please click here for a Literary Terms Sheet


Please click here for revision tips Y6


Please click here for revision tips Y7




8S English Roll of Thunder Essay


What have you learnt about 1930s Mississippi from reading 'Roll of Thunder'.

500 - 750 words. Due in Friday 19 September.

Creation Myths

You can read creation myths from all around the world and have a go at writing your own, by browsing this website.