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Year 7 French Trip Blog


Friday 20th


image3  image4


The group have safely departed and have commenced their journey back to Vinehall. Parents will be contacted once the group are at Folkestone to be given an ETA.


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Thursday 19th


We can't believe it's almost over! Back at the Château, the children enthusiastically completed the cycle of activities (tir à l'arc, cours de français, fabrication de pain, escalade and parcours de santé).  During the exciting cours de français, the children participated with confidence and played fantastic team games using fly swatters!

Après le déjeuner, the children visited the cider press and learned all about la fabrication du cidre and even had a (very small) taste!

The children dressed up in French costumes before their last dîner at the Château, when they tried some delicious escargots and were awarded certificates for best costumes and tidiest dormitory. 

Before packing, the children spent some valuable reflective time writing in their journaux.

An early start tomorrow before the long journey home.

A demain!



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Wednesday 18th


An even busier day today! The children enjoyed a coach tip around Normandy. Our first stop was the Bayeux Tapestry, which the children found really interesting.


Back in the coach, for a short trip along the coast to one of the D-Day landing sites. Here we enjoyed a picnic lunch of French baguette sandwiches, before we entered the 360 degree cinema, which retold the story of D-Day and the events which led up to it.


We then walked down into the town, where we visited a museum of historical memorabilia. A short stop further down the road took us to the American cemetery, which contains the graves of more than 4,000 American servicemen and women. This was a very moving experience for everyone.


On our way back to the Château, we stopped at a supermarché, where the children bought all manner of things, from apples and lemons, a backpack, Coca-Cola shower gel and, of course, Haribo! We then called in at a crêperie, where the children were treated to a feast of savoury galettes and sweet crêpes.


Quelle belle journée!



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Tuesday 17th


Wow! What a busy day! After a tour of the Chateau and its grounds, when we admired the mini- ferme and free range animals (particularly the stunning peacocks) the children were split into groups. They then enjoyed a plethora of activities, ranging from tir à l'arc and escalade to fabrication du pain! The highly popular bread making involved some fantastic vocabulary work, as well as an unusual Mexican bread wave! The children were able to eat the fruits of their labours with some excellent French cuisine.


Après le dîner, all the children participated in a basketball and volleyball tournament before heading back to our accommodation, where the children quickly fell asleep after such a packed day.


An early start demain matin, the Bayeux Tapestry awaits!


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IMG 1126 


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Monday 16th


After a short delay, we boarded the coach and embarked on our journey to Normandy. After crossing the Channel, we stopped for lunch at a beautiful rest stop complete with ducks and playground games. The children enjoyed climbing the water tower which had spectacular views over the neighbouring countryside.

We finally arrived at the Chateau just before 8 p.m. heure locale and were greeted by an enigmatic Axel, notre animateur, who wasted no time at all in launching the children into immersion totale! Dinner and bed were very welcome before a busy day of escalade (climbing), tir à l'arc (archery) and fabrication du pain (bread making)!



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